The Time Has Come

By | June 27, 2016

Several of us just came in from a great wilderness training run – we bore enough irritation (a slightly twisted ankle, some scratches) to know that we were pushing our edge, but not too much that it derailed us. The experience is a metaphor for the way I’ve lived my life, and it has brought me to a tipping point.

With sixteen years of training and experience, Abel has become quite the skilled and competent guide. Along with that, Lety’s essential involvement and the dedicated support of Susan and OdeMakwa (who are in training) have allowed me to get more engaged in what I am called to do. Over the past several weeks, I’ve reached around 2 million people on radio shows, I just returned from a TV filming in Boulder CO., a summit appearance is coming up, a publisher just asked for my next three books (we usually have to pitch them), we’re publishing five new books this year and have multiple video projects going, we just got a major donation for the Brother Wolf Sanctuary, our Natural Resources Committee got a grant for reintroducing wildflowers, the school is a flurry of new activity, and all signs indicate more of the same.

It’s time for me to get an assistant. Even with Jules on outreach, Nan transcribing, Andrew editing, Thorn in the office, Fox and Coyote on construction, and several others playing vital roles, we see that I need more editorial, book promotion, communication, scheduling, and whatever-else-comes-up help. We want someone who is bright, energetic, outgoing, dedicated to healing the wounds of civilization-and most importantly, likes to have fun! If this is you, or if you can recommend somebody, I/we would be tickled to hear from you*.

But before I sign off, I want to express my deep gratitude for everybody who has been a part of our success in bringing the Old Ways back to light. We did it as a Circle – all of you present and past staff, Seekers, volunteers, friends, and lovers. We are family. And let us all take a moment to honor the Elders of many nations who have guided us every step of the way.

*To apply, please email a cover letter and your resume to


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