The Zen of Strong

By | February 5, 2011

Real strength doesn’t rely on physical training or learning technique. Training can give a certain type of strength, which might create the illusion of being strong. Learning a technique can give a certain type of mastery, which may create the illusion of overall mastery. When we focus on growing strong in one area, we grow weak in another. When we focus on a technique (system, practice, discipline, tradition), we become inept in another area.

How then does one become strong, become a master? The problem arises when we think we are weak and inept and must become strong and masterful. This is an illusion. We are born strong, with innate ability. The goal is to unlearn rather than to learn: to become again spontaneous and adaptable rather than studied and focused. A Wolf does not study a particular technique or follow a training regimen to learn how to be a warrior or a hunter—a Wolf plays. We are no different. To not focus on something is to focus. To not believe one is weak and deficient is to be strong and capable. To not want something is to have it.

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