The Guiding Years

Now I am in the seventh decade of my life and many of my Elders have passed over. And yet I do not feel alone, because I still hear their voices, and the example of their lives holds strong in my memory. Their role as guides to the first teachers, the plant and animal relations, is now less needed than when I was young, because I am now aware of their continual guiding presence.

More and more I am asked to serve in the ways that my teachers and Elders once served, and I am ever humbled by seeing from their perspective the challenges that were presented them. Fortunately when I speak, their words are heard; I only lend them my voice. And when I act, I am doing what they would do if their bodies could still carry them. No matter whether it be guiding seekers in the wilderness, counseling, heading a community of educators, or bringing the ancient wisdoms to others through writing, I am ever in the presence of my dear Elders, honored ancestors, and cherished relations.

     A plant fiber cordage workshop at a wilderness camp