Honoring My Elders

Because my Elders have been my guides and inspirations in this unending quest for balance, my life story is their story. They have fed my passion to reawaken to the ways of the ancestors–the ways to be a natural human. As you come to know them in this honoring, you will come to know something of me. I give recognition to several of my teachers as well, to honor the Elders whose knowledge these teachers passed on to me. Along with my human Elders, I wish to acknowledge the Elders of the Grass people, Turtle people, Cloud people, Deer people and others to whom I was sent for guidance by my Elders.

At the same time, this is an honoring of my relationship with the indigenous people of my area. The Elders taught me that the Honor Way is to adapt to the mores of an area’s natives rather than expecting them to assume yours. They are the caretakers of their region because over untold generations they have learned how to live in balance with it. Whether I found myself in Poland or Zambia, I was to go to the Elders and learn their ways of balance.

The Ojibwe are the traditional caretakers of my region, which I lived in or near for all of my life. Naturally I went to their Elders and respectfully asked for guidance in knowing the

moods of the seasons, the ways of the plants and animals, and the unseen forces at play. I wished to learn more of the traditions, rituals, and language that reflected this place and kept the people attuned to it.