Love is Wild

By | October 17, 2012

We like to approach relationship as though we were tending the perfect potted plant—we primp and prune it, we feed and water it, we take it in and out of the sun, we keep it from getting too warm or too cold.  Is it any wonder that most long-standing relationships have so little spontaneity or passion?

What if we were to view relationship as a wild plant, free to fully experience the heat and cold, to grow unfettered and be whipped by storms, to linger ad nauseam the warm summer breeze?  What if we left it free to be chewed on by browsers and nested in by hornets and birds? Free to send roots wherever they wished to go, free to either bear fruit or lie dormant. Free to cast its seeds to the wind, and free to die when it is it’s time.  Would we then not have to life of passion and spontaneity, of mystery and endless potential?  A life enmeshed in the ebb and flow of the greater life—responding to, and at the same time contributing to, it.

As I see it, the choice comes down to this:  A life of comfort and security, or a life of risk and adventure.  A life of routine and predictability, or a life of random surprise and honest emotion.  For me, the first is mere existence, and the second is living.  You can supersize me one wild love and leave the perfect rose to its pot.


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nolan on March 15, 2013 at 11:37 pm.

Flow. Energy in everything, flowing. Some peoples live in that flow of energy and life. Others alienate themselves from it.
The levels of alienation very; some attempt to control the flow, taking what is wild and domesticating it, making it break and bend to their will, for their uses.
Some peoples stop following the herds, the seasons, the constant movement of life. they settle, store, prep, and in doing so, remove themselves somewhat from the circle/hoop, the flow.
of course, these people are still very close to the hoop of life, the flow of energy. But they have begun the removal.
Those that are completely removed from the hoop and flow, attempt to destroy them. They don’t even attempt to, realistically, to even mimic the flow and hoop of life, as some peoples do. To them it cannot exist at all.


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