Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream

By | March 17, 2011

I went to bed thinking I had some understanding of respectful, honest communication—even enough to write a book—and I woke up humbled. In my dreamtime, I was taken to a world where speech was considered so sacred that it consisted only of bare truth. I opened my eyes realizing that much of what I considered to be truth-speaking was actually pretense and illusion. Here are the awarenesses I was given in that dream world:

  • Clarity and belief cannot be truth because they are subjective.
  • Truth cannot be unless it embraces its own falsehood.
  • Only when one way points to all ways and no way does it approach truth.
  • When I can see the truth behind the truth, I become transparent. I can then trust everyone for what they say. I hear their core truth, because I cannot filter it or give it my spin, nor can I be duped by theirs.
  • When I hold a belief, I cannot be mindful, because belief overrides mind.
  • When I have no beliefs or prejudices, I start life anew with every moment.
  • A question that expects an answer is no more than an answer in disguise.
  • Confusion is a question in full bloom.
  • Anger is insecure love.
  • Possessiveness is insecurity.
  • Criticism is a profound compliment.
  • Self-proclaimed humility is pride in disguise.
  • Someone who claims to be a master is a prideful fool.

Every morning for the past five years I have recorded the guidance I received from my dreams. When I review what I was given, I sometimes wonder why I can’t show such wisdom and perspective in my awake-time. When I’m asleep I am obviously able to tap into some source of insight that lies beyond the grasp of my conscious self.

How do you relate to your dreams? I’d like to hear your perspective.


Bastian Barucker on March 17, 2011 at 1:35 pm.

Hey T., Migwetch for sharing. I am encouraged again to track and be as a question instead of staying in what I think is the best I can do or should I say my truth. I was listening to Journey to the Ancestral Self yesterday and together with your post I am deeply touched and remembered to accept being a seeker.

My dreams have helped me to connect to the core emotions lately. They show me how simple my truth is and how much I make my truth complicated.




Tamarack on March 19, 2011 at 9:09 am.

Greetings Bastian,

I’m glad you recognize the vital role dreams play in giving you the guidance you really need—the naked truth. I find that most of us, me included sometimes, have trouble accepting our raw dream guidance because of its stark honesty, so we come up with sugarcoated versions. If we want to truly know ourselves and have rich, relevant relationships, we need to take what our dreamself gives us straight from the bottle. It might burn on the way down, but it’s the only way to feel its fire in our heart.


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