Anxiety Online

Posted on December 14, 2016 by Tamarack

I have longtime friends and associates who I’ve always known to be kind and thoughtful. Yet something happens to them at times when they are on Facebook, Twitter, or e-groups. They become bullies. They shame and troll. They criticize and judge. I see the tendency in myself. What comes over us that makes us objectify others, see them as one-dimensional, and define them by their worst mistakes? What is this cyberspace curse?

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In an interview with Regina Meredith on Open Minds, Tamarack discusses how to get back to the roots of your natural being by relearning the language of the natural world, which is still deeply ingrained within each of us. To see the entire video, visit the Gaia Network website here.

Storyteller Tamarack Song and artist Moses (Amik) Beaver combined their skills to produce Whispers of the Ancients with the University of Michigan Press, a book of Native American tales and legends. Tamarack discusses and reads a story aloud, “drumming” it in a Native American tradition, to a slideshow of the book’s artwork, in a video by the Press.