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Tracker Cover There’s only one thing that keeps you from being a good tracker. No, it’s not that you haven’t taken some special course, or because an expert tracker hasn’t passed his secret knowledge down to you. And no, this book won’t give it to you.

Because you already have it.

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A Tidbit of Zen

“Tamarack's beautiful, clear interpretation of my favorite Zen scripture especially captures the essence of true, effortless non-dual realization. May all who see it immediately open to the always open Heart.


The haunting lyrics of Song of Trusting the Heart express the essence of Eastern philosophy: the Buddhist's peaceful asceticism, the Taoist's poetic sensitivity, and the Shaman's sage wisdom. Tamarack's clear and accurate text restoration, along with Jan Zaremba's engaging classical artwork, make this classic poem easily accessible to all seekers.

Song of Trusting the Heart has been given two Nautilus Awards!

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Tamarack's reason for writing has always been to join in dialogue, as though he were sitting together with his readers around a fire. Come sit around the hearth to discuss the Old Way, healing, Zen, tracking, dreams, culture, childrearing, and more.

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Whispers of the Ancients

WhispersWhispers of the Ancients has received the Nautilus Award, three Midwest Book Awards, and was honored as a special storytelling resource by Storytelling World. Foreword Review says, "beautifully illustrated...a lovely collection of stories."

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